Buddy Zone – Blogs – Advanced Features

Buddy Zone Social Networking Script – Facebook Clone has added in a advanced features for your site to develop as much content as possible. With Buddy Zone Blogs your users can have a blog page much like Blogspot and can add in as many blogs as possible. This helps in website ranking as you get most of the content on a website by users. Major features of Buddy Zone Blogs include:

  • Public/Private Blogs
  • Categorized Blogs
  • Searchable Blogs
  • Unique Blog URL
  • RSS Feed For Blogs
  • RSS Feed For Individual Blog
  • Accept Comments
  • Accept Comments From Friends Only
  • Add Friends To Preferred List
  • Subscribe To Blog
  • Get Updates On Blog
  • Send Blogs To Friends
  • and much more…

With advanced blogging features and with short url’s and dynamic description on the blogs your search engine marketing is reduced since our blogging software is already optimized for major search engines. The RSS feeds are google enabled and can be added in google as sitemap’s.

Please let us know what more you would like to see in Buddy Zone Blogs.


Buddy Zone Team

Vastal I-Tech & Co.

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