Buddy Zone – Facebook Like Footer Chat

Buddy Zone – Social Netwoking Script comes equipped with a facebook like footer chat which can be very beneficial to your website. The main features of the footer chat are:

  • Facebook like integration
  • Google+ recommend publicly integration
  • Edit Profile
  • View Friends
  • Notifications when comment is received
  • Notifications when mail is received
  • Notifications when a user comes online
  • Notifications when a user initiates a chat
  • Allows users to turn available
  • Allows users to turn invisible
  • Allows users to turn busy
  • Allows users to turn offline
  • Disable sound notifications
  • Disable popup notifications
  • Change users status
  • Chat with multiple friends
  • and much more…

We will like to know what more features you want integrated in the footer chat, please do let us know.


Buddy Zone Team

Vastal I-Tech & Co.

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