Buddy Zone – Update Content From Mobile Device

With Buddy Zone Version 2.8, we added a unique feature in Buddy Zone – Facebook Clone, which allows your website users to add their content or share with their friends from any mobile device with internet. There are 2 ways it can be done which are:

  • Via Email :: In this way, a user is given a unique code and using that code they can upload a photo or a video directly from their mobile device and share with their friends and family. What they do is, they attach the photo or the video and email it to a given email address along with the code as emails subject and message of email as caption for photo or video. Buddy Zone intelligently checks the specified email for any new content and if anything new is sent it automatically adds it to your site which is then shared with the users friends and family. We also added a unique algorithm which immediately discards the spam messages and deletes them from the specified email address.
  • Via Mobile Website :: In this way, users visit your website’s mobile version the demo of which can be seen at: http://buddyzone.vastal.com/demo/mobile/ and logon with their email and password. In their account they can add photo galleries and attach photos directly from their mobile device and upload them. They can also add photos into their member main gallery. The status messages can be seen on the mobile site as well and a new status or photo or video or question can also be added from the mobile device.

This feature is something which gives your website and edge from all the rest. Your users can at any time from anywhere share photos, videos, status with their friends and family or can at any time from anywhere see photos, videos or status from their friends and family.

We will really like to hear your thoughts on this feature and also any new ones you want added to Buddy Zone. Please do write to us.


Buddy Zone Team

Vastal I-Tech & Co.


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