Buddy Zone – New Milestone

Buddy Zone has recently crossed 20+ social networking websites having more then 200,000 members registered with them. The maximum online members and guests on one of the social media website was 11,800 at a single time with more than 2 million page views daily. This has been possible only because of the strong code base of “Buddy Zone – Social Networking Script – Facebook Clone” which has the capability to scale to millions of members without posing any kind of problems.


Latest Case Study has proved that Buddy Zone scaled to nearly 50,000+ photo albums on a social website which has nearly 250,000+ members. The same website posted nearly 70,000+ blogs on it along with 3 million+ page views daily. The website’s performance under these traffic conditions is a testimonial for our “Strong and Unmatchable Social Networking” code base which no one else has been able to match till date.


Stats show that we have nearly 20+ websites with almost 200,000+ members which receive on an average of 1-3 million page views daily. We have almost 500+ websites which have almost 50,000+ members which receive almost 500,000 page views daily. No other social networking script in the market has the capability to match that.


We thank all our esteemed customers for their continued support which has enabled us to make Buddy Zone the best among the rest and we hope our future customers will give us more testimonials like the one mentioned above. If you would like to see the website’s with above stats please send us an email and we will be happy to share them with you.

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