Buddy Zone vs Competition

We will like to enlighten all potential social networking website entrepreneur about why Buddy Zone stands our from all the rest competition. Following points will make it easier for anyone to make their choice:

  • Absolutely No Hidden Costs :: All competitors of buddy zone charge exuberant amount of money for small mods. One competitor who specifically states in all their advertisements that they are better than everyone else charges to the tune of $1500 for all modules seen on their demo. Other competitor gives false hopes of small pricing and than charge for the removal of branding. We all know that to have a successful start up we need to start small and manage our finances. That is why we kept one single fee for all modules as seen on demo and we do not in any case charge our customers with any kind of hidden fee. All fees and charges are explicitly written. Our competitor who states specifically that they are best and better than anyone else gives shell code for high $299.99 and than charges $50 – $100 for small modules making the cost go upto $1500 and to add to the dupe they show all modules integrated on the demo. We have come across atleast 20 people in last 40 days who have fallen victim to this and have lost their startup capital. Please do not make this mistake, check everything before making a purchase, ask alot of questions before giving your hard earned money away.
  • Speed of Code :: Internet is full of questions asking how they can speed up the code of our competitors i.e. stop the website of lagging. All competitors have had these problems. Once the website gets a good amount of members they all start to lag and slow down. So for just 10,000 members you have to go in for a dedicated server. Please do your due diligence and search google for the above said statement. Buddy Zone stands out, we have had multiple instances where our customers have been able to get to nearly 1 million members but still website did not lag or slow down. Our challenge is to match our code’s speed on any servers. We challenge no one will be able to do so. Our code has been the best running code and fastest running code for nearly 7 years now. Many competitors came many went we still have the fastest code ever.
  • Future Enhancements :: Our esteemed competitors had to entirely reinvent their wheel to make their code work like facebook, we just enhanced our existing code base and made it work like facebook, that shows how much planning and experience went into making Buddy Zone. We have a code base which is strongest and can adapt to any new technology “Social Networking Website” has to offer.

Please contact us anytime to let is know if you have any questions at any time, we will keep on updating our customers and all start up enthusiasts about all new things Social Network.

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